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Evgeniya Boucher

  • Fondatrice et professeur principal de l’école « BALLROOM »

  • > 5 ans d’expérience comme professeur de danse à plein temps à Paris et proche banlieue

  • Ancien banquier d’affaires avec 7 ans d’expérience (Vice Président, Rothschild & Co, Londres et Paris)

  • Finaliste des Championnats d’Europe en Show Danse (Baden-Baden, septembre 2021)

  • Master of Sports de Russie en danse de salon sportive

  • Champion de Saint-Pétersbourg en Adultes 

My Story

I started dancing when I was 7, however I can't say that it was love at first sight, it was rather my mom's dream. I was an excellent swimmer!


My passion for dancing grew with my skills and understanding of how much effort it requires to do one tiny movement beautiful and harmonic. I loved the challenge and eventually dropped the swimming... guitar lessons and even hanging out with my school friends. I was practicing every single day and on weekends travelling for dance competitions. 

At last when I turned 19 with my dance partner we became the #1 Adult couple of Saint-Petersburg and one of the top Russian couples internationally, the status we maintained for 3 years till the end of our partnership. 

About then I decided that I wanted to see other things in life and left to do a master’s degree in finance at Cass Business School in London. Then for some years I worked in Investment Banking in London and Paris and even became a vice president at Rothschild Bank, which I'm very proud of... 


Since then I already have numerous students, who take part in competitions and undeniebly with some success. I'm very passionate about what I do and this time I'm sure it is "my thing". Every student matters to me, I care about seeing results of my work.


I hope to meet you in my class very soon! 

Evgeniya Dancing....

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